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Although the treatment of colorectal cancer has seen considerable progress during the past few years, the mortality associated with this type of tumor remains high.

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This article presents existing methods of treatment, focusing on the new treatments made possible by the advances in the field of normal and tumor stem prostate volume normal range age. Starting from the normal architecture of the colon and the properties of the cells identified in it, we sought to present a few notions concerning these cells which have a direct relevance for both pathology and treatment.

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The manner in which they divide — symmetrically or asymmetrically — as well as the molecules which control their circulation through the body are just a few examples which are likely to influence the treatment of colorectal cancer in the future. Key words: Cancer, Stem Cells, Colorectal.

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The dependence of gliomas on neoangiogenesis is supported by vascular hyperplasia, by vascular endothelial proliferation and by the necrosis associated with high-grade gliomas.

Objectives: We discuss the experience of the Rouen University Hospital France in using imunohistochemistry for quantifying the vascularisation of gliomas and correlations with clinical evolution. Materials and methods: The clinical evolution of 69 patients who were treated between and at the Rouen University Hospital was retrospectively analysed.

Turnarea prostatei

The clinical variables that were examined were: gender, age of diagnosis, imaging appearance, type of resection, histological grade, time to progression and overall survival. Results: With a median follow-up of 16 months, time to progression was 12 months and median survival was as high as 16 months. The VEGF expression was non-characteristic either for normal endothelial cells or for tumor cellsand consequently non-contributory.

The VEGFR expression was specific for the endothelial cells either for normal endothelial cells or neoformation vessels. The EGFR expression was observed only for oligodendroglial cells, and also non-contributory in assessing neovascularisation.

The Ki67 index was significantly correlated with the degree of differentiation, with histology and with lesion prognosis. The level of the p53 protein was predictive for high grade glioma relapses of initially well differentiated tumors.

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Conclusions: Current knowledge does not allow identification of molecular markers that reliably assess neovascularization, an essential step in evaluating the early response to experimental antiangiogenesis therapy. Objective: With prostate brachytherapy PB the erectile function preservation rate is high, but a gradual decline occurs during the follow-up. The role of radiation dose to the Neurovascular Bundles NVBs in brachytherapy-related impotence is controversial, because of localisation difficulties.

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We investigated whether the use of Magnetic Resonance Angiography MRA improves the ability to localize NVBs with precision and to evaluate the administered dose to these structures. Materials and Methods: 10 patients, treated with prostate brachytherapy in monotherapy for cT1-T2 prostate cancer, underwent both conventional morphologic and angiographic MR examination after implantation.

The real locations of the bundles with respect of the prostate gland were found patient dependent.

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This study demonstrated that merging morphologic and angiographic MR images can lead to an accurate dosimetry of the NVBs. Patients and Methods: This is a pilot nonrandomized study which included 48 young breast cancer patients 45 years old or younger in early menopause because of oncological treatment. We assessed the efficacy of Gabapentin in the treatment of moderate to severe hot flashes.

The patients recorded frequency, severity and duration of hot flashes on a 1-week, self-report hot flash diary before the start of the study and during weeks 4, 8 of treatment and after another 4 weeks, when the study was finished. Results: The median age of the patients was 40 years range, Data were available on 48 participants at 4 weeks, and 42 at 8 and 12 weeks.

The differences were statistically significant.

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The most frequent adverse events were: dizziness, somnolence, fatigue and nausea. This drug should be considered for treatment of hot flashes in young women with cancer therapy-induced early menopause. We aimed to stabilize a human cultured hepatocarcinoma CSC line. Materials and Methods: Hepatocellular carcinoma-derived cancer stem cells were isolated from a partial hepatectomy of a patients with hepatocarcinoma on underlying cirrhosis and hepatitis B virus infection.

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Reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain was used to assess the telomerase expression. Results: Cell clones derived from human hepatocellular carcinoma stem cells were immortalized by overexpression of telomerase reverse transcriptase.

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The resulting cell line, HepCSC-1 Hepatic cancer stem cell line displayed multidrug resistance prior to immortalization and expressed the markers of hepatocyte progenitor cells albumin, a1-antitrypsin, a-fetoprotein and cytokeratin HepCSC-1 cells were compared with mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the human healthy liver and with the hepatocarcinoma-derived cell line HepG2.

The prostate volume normal range age profile of telomerase levels was much more significant in comparison with all the other cell lines.

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Conclusion: We succeeded in generating a well characterized stable clonal human liver cancer cell line for in vitro drug testing, that we called HepCSC Histopathological findings were correlated with imagistic acquirements and clinical data.

Results: The mean age of our patients was 68 years years ; the PSA ranged from 4. Seventeen patients Conclusions: E. Further study is needed to better define the role of E as a diagnostic tool in prostate cancer. Key words: Prostate Cancer, Diagnosis, Elastography. Undifferentiated carcinoma is a subtype of uterine cancer with a worse prognosis than grade III endometrioid adenocarcinoma.

We present a case with two synchronous uterine cancers- a small cell undifferentiated carcinoma and masaj simptome de prostatită mucinous adenocarcinoma.